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C-fold paper towels

C-fold paper towels

The C-fold paper towels produced by Cartindustria Ligure are available in single-ply pure cellulose, mixed cellulose, recycled white, natural and colored paper and 2-ply pure cellulose, mixed cellulose.

Paper weight: from 32 to 45 g/m2

Dimensions: (220:250)mm x (250:340)mm

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C-fold hand towels for hygienic and sanitary use

Our products are chosen by distributors active in the main Away From Home areas, including:

In the hotel and catering sector, products such as paper towels, rolls and sheets and interfolded toilet paper ensure the required hygiene standards for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and restaurants.

In the industrial sector, our products allow cleaning and maintenance of equipment according to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, and guarantee hygiene and cleanliness in common work environments.

In the food industry, our products ensure the cleanliness of machinery, equipment and environments in compliance with the strictest hygiene-sanitary protocols.

Our products are indispensable in healthcare facilities to prevent the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses.

In the school environment, our products promote good hygiene practices by preventing the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

In working environments such as offices and companies, our paper products represent an ideal solution for the hygiene, cleanliness and comfort of employees and visitors.

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