What is obtained from recycled paper?

What is obtained from recycled paper?

Cosa si ottiene dalla carta riciclata?

Recycled paper is not merely reclaimed material; it is a valuable resource that can be reinvented and transformed into innovative new products. How is this possible? And what is obtained from recycled paper

Thanks to recycling facilities, paper and cardboard waste are cleaned and reduced to cellulose pulp, ready for a new life. From this valuable secondary raw material, one can obtain graphic papers, packaging, hygiene products, and much more.

In this article, we will explore in detail all the possibilities offered by paper recycling, discovering how waste can generate new versatile and high-performance tissue products. We will analyze all the sustainable uses of this resource that benefits the environment.

Applications: what is obtained from recycled paper

Recycled paper is an extremely versatile raw material that can be reused in many different ways. Its application in various areas allows for a drastic reduction in environmental impact, creating new high-value-added products.

Let’s look at some examples of what is obtained from recycled paper:

  • Graphic paper: the careful selection in the recycling process allows the production of high-quality graphic paper from recycled fibers, ideal for printers, photocopiers, and publishing.
  • Single-ply and tissue products: recycled paper is widely used in the production of single-ply and tissue products like those from Cartindustria Ligure: napkins, tissues, toilet paper, and rolls, exploiting its absorbent properties and packaging versatility.
  • Packaging: recycled paper is perfectly suited for high-performance packaging, including boxes, bags, and cartons for the industry and distribution sector.
  • Construction materials: recycled paper can be combined with other raw materials to create insulation panels, wall coverings, and eco-friendly flooring for sustainable architecture.
  • Energy and alternative fuels: non-recyclable waste can be used as biomass to produce electricity or biofuels through pyrolysis and gasification processes.


As can be seen, there are many avenues for paper recycling, thanks to its unique properties and versatility that make it suitable for creating different and high-value-added products.

Recycled paper and single-ply/tissue products

Recycled paper is a precious resource for single-ply and tissue productions due to its excellent properties and lower environmental impact

Cartindustria Ligure fully exploits its potential to create eco-friendly and customized solutions. For the master rolls of recycled paper, we rely on Cartiera San Giorgio, a company with which we share a long history.
Their single-ply stands out not only for its high strength and absorbency but is also certified and derived from selected waste paper. Our single-ply products made from this quality raw material range from toilet rolls to folded hand towels and napkins

Recycled paper, skillfully transformed, is an ideal ally for sustainable, efficient, and versatile single-ply productions. At Cartindustria, we prefer eco-friendly choices, valuing regenerated raw materials to create added value from an environmental and social perspective.

What is obtained from recycled paper: environmental benefits

In addition to versatility, one of the great advantages of recycled paper lies in the environmental benefits associated with its use.

Compared to virgin paper, recycled paper allows you to:

  • Save Natural Resources and Energy: reduces the consumption of wood, water, and energy required for production.
  • Reduce Emissions: results in lower CO2 emissions and other pollutants due to reduced energy consumption.
  • Safeguard Forests: limits tree cutting for virgin cellulose production.
  • Reduce Waste: increases the percentage of recycled paper and cardboard rather than being disposed of in landfills.
  • Create a Circular Economy: fits into a production model that reintroduces resources into the production cycle rather than dissipating them.


Paper recycling allows for a wide variety of innovative and versatile products, from graphic paper to construction materials, to AFH (Away From Home) hygiene-sanitary products.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, the recycling process guarantees high productivity while minimizing waste and inefficiencies. Additionally, it enables the production of quality products with reduced environmental impact.

Cartindustria Ligure specializes in converting master rolls of high-quality recycled paper into innovative and sustainable single-ply and tissue products

Discover how we can develop tailor-made solutions for your recycled paper product needs.


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