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Tissue products and sustainability.

Our choices for a greener future.

Tissue products and sustainability: our corporate mission includes respect for the environment and sustainable management of production processes. This strategic approach finds application with the use of waste paper and with the reuse of waste from the transformation and processing of mother reels.

Sustainability has become a global challenge involving all sectors, including and above all the production and distribution of “sustainablesingle-ply and tissue products.

At Cartindustria Ligure, we believe that respect for the environment is a fundamental value for our future, and we are committed to producing high quality single-ply and tissue products with a reduced impact on the environment, to play our part in the construction of a more sustainable world. That’s how.

The right paper for the environment.

We carefully select the best certified raw materials according to the highest environmental quality standards.

For example, for tissue and single-ply recycled paper products, we only use parent reels from Cartiera San Giorgio.
But we don’t stop there: we continue to innovate in the name of sustainability. An example? For the packaging of most of our single-ply and tissue products we have chosen to replace plastic with recycled paper wrappers, along with paper tape which is completely recyclable and save for the environment.

We then optimize the packaging of our products to make logistics more efficient and eco-sustainable. Maximizing the number of products that can be contained in each package and reducing empty spaces allows us to improve the load index of the vehicles, limiting the environmental impact of the single delivery.

We are ready to do our part for a more sustainable world and are committed to improving business processes to move towards an increasingly greener business model.

Sustainibility and private label

Cartindustria Ligure has obtained the European Ecolabel quality mark, which certifies our commitment to respecting natural resources and the environment in every phase of the life of Hand Towels, Roll Towels and tissue products. By choosing Cartindustria Ligure for the private label, you are choosing a partner committed to sustainability and the production of high quality products.

Certificazione EcoLabel
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Hand Towels, Roll Towels and tissue products and Ecolabel certification.

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