Ecolabel certified tissue and Hand Towels, Roll Towels products

The Ecolabel certification is the European quality mark which certifies respect for natural resources and the environment in all aspects of the product life cycle.

At Cartindustria Ligure, we are proud to have obtained the Ecolabel certification for our single-ply and tissue products: an important recognition of our commitment to sustainability and the production of high quality and environmentally friendly products.

What does the Ecolabel certify?

The Ecolabel quality mark makes the difference for the final consumer, who can easily recognize the products in large-scale distribution that meet certain environmental requirements. Here are which ones:
  • Certifies that the raw materials used in our single-ply and tissue products are carefully selected according to the highest environmental quality standards.
  • Ensures that our products are manufactured according to sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact at all stages of the life cycle, from production to transportation, use and disposal.
  • Certifies that our single-ply and tissue products are packaged with sustainable materials, such as recycled paper, and that packaging practices are environmentally friendly.

The Ecolabel certification is a recognition of our commitment and dedication to sustainability and the production of high quality products, which respect the planet and people.

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