The paper converting process: a precision art

The paper converting process: a precision art

Il processo di trasformazione della carta: un'arte di precisione

The paper converting process is not just an industrial procedure; it is a precision art. This fascinating process that takes paper from the master roll to single-ply and tissue products is a delicate dance of technology and skill.

On one side, technologies and plants are essential, capable of cutting, assembling, and packaging paper with micrometric precision and high production rates. On the other side, the human element is equally crucial: highly skilled and experienced workers oversee every phase of the process, adding that “touch” of craftsmanship and the expert eye that only humans can provide.

It is a perfect combination of technique and skill that characterizes the paper converting process and determines its success. The plants perform what they were designed for, while the skilled hands and eyes of the operators intervene where necessary, making the necessary corrections and adjustments.

If you want to understand how this unique combination of technology and manual art transforms the master roll into single-ply and tissue products, you are in the right place to learn more.

The phases of the paper converting process

The paper transformation process consists of a series of interconnected phases that give life to the finished product. Each step is crucial and contributes, with different roles, to the creation of the final result.

Cutting: the first stage is cutting. The paper is carefully cut into the desired format specified by the customer, initiating the actual production process.

Stacking: next is stacking. Sheets are precisely stacked and bound together using various methods depending on the type of product. Order and accuracy are crucial in this phase.

Assembling: then comes assembling. Sheets are joined and stitched according to the required composition through appropriate binding systems. The final product begins to take shape here.

Packaging: finally, packaging takes place, where the obtained single-ply and tissue products are inserted into their packaging. It is the last but equally important step, as packaging influences the final experience of people in their everyday lives.

Each phase is executed with care and professionalism, using state-of-the-art machinery and highly specialized personnel.

Paper converting process: eight highly flexible production lines

A key element of our paper converting process is the flexibility provided by the eight cutting-edge production lines at our disposal.

These lines allow us to adapt to the specific needs of individual customers, offering them a tailored and personalized service. In particular, our lines enable us to:

  • Vary formats and grammages of single-ply and tissue products based on customer requests, providing “ad hoc” cut products.
  • Dynamically change the number of sheets per package, offering maximum flexibility in quantities.
  • Personalize the packaging of products.


This exceptional production versatility is made possible by the use of the latest technologies implemented on our lines, capable of meeting even the most particular requests. Even before technologies, however, it is our raw material that still makes the difference.

The importance of raw materials in the paper converting process

At Cartindustria, we start with the selection of the best raw materials to ensure high-quality products. The master rolls used for tissue and single-ply products come from Cartiera San Giorgio, the company from which Cartindustria itself originates, sharing a long history. 

Cartiera San Giorgio’s single-ply stands out for high strength and absorbency, appreciated worldwide. For tissue, we source from selected suppliers, ensuring high-level grammages and technical characteristics. 

Depending on the final product requested by the customer, we choose the most suitable raw material from a wide range of pure cellulose paper, recycled paper, or special papers. The quality of the raw paper is the first essential step to obtain an excellent final product, designed from the raw material for the individual needs of each project.

Our tailored paper converting process for each customer

At Cartindustria Ligure, we know how important it is to have a flexible and personalized paper transformation service. For this reason, we commit to offering each customer a completely customized solution based on their needs:

  • Analyze the customer’s requests in detail to understand their real needs.
  • Exploit the versatility of our production lines to create the desired product.
  • Quickly modify the process to adapt to new requests.
  • Provide dedicated assistance to discuss any customizations.
  • Ensure fast delivery times thanks to efficient order management.


For us, each project is unique and deserves a tailor-made service designed around its specificities.

Paper converting: the intersection of technology and mastery

As seen, the paper converting process is the result of a perfect combination of advanced technology and human skill. On one side, cutting-edge machinery cuts, stacks, assembles, and packages paper with surgical precision and speed. On the other side, the attentive eye and skilled hand of operators select the best raw materials, adapting the process to the specific needs of the project. All for one goal: to ensure that each phase of the paper transformation process is executed at its best, giving life to high-quality products that meet customer demands.

Do you want to discover how we combine technology and human expertise? Contact us to learn more about our paper converting process.


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